Our sweet boy George is finally ready to find his forever home!

George has been with us for a few months and needed a series of treatments to rid him of his UTI infection and bladder stones. George is about 2 years old and is looking for a specific family! We have no idea what his breed is, but we suspect mini poodle and bulldog.

He is a pretty easy going guy and does well with children of all ages. He adores his foster cat and loves to snuggle.
George is seeking a home where he can be the only dog. He’s not dog aggressive, but he doesn’t care to share his space or humans with another canines and that’s okay! George will need a patient family who will invest in training. He gets a little overwhelmed when strangers come over and takes some time to become trusting of new humans, particularly men. He’s the perfect size for a renter applicant! Once he knows you, he’s as loyal as they come!

Due to his history of urinary crystals and bladder stones, George’s new family will need to keep him on his supplements and anti-anxiety medication. 

Our little guy has been through so much and we are so proud to see him come this far in foster care!