Hi guys! My name is Bat and I’m an 11-year-old bully mix! Yes, you heard me right, I’m ELEVEN!! Even though I am technically a senior dog, you would never know, due to my puppy-like behavior! Haven't you heard? Senior is the new puppy. 


There are so many perks to adopting an older gentleman like me. I am completely potty trained and I know lots of cues. I love walks and chasing balls in the backyard! My favorite thing in life is attention from humans! I will follow you everywhere and demand all the snuggles! I get along well with other dogs but also wouldn’t mind being the only dog in the house — more attention for me!!


Due to my age, I have a heart murmur, which is pretty common in older animals, and I recently started taking medication for it, which won't cure me but will help me be more comfortable. Because of this, I am considered a hospice foster and my adoption fees will be waived. If you are interested in giving me the best possible life for the remainder of my time here, please fill out an adoption application. I may be vintage, but I still have plenty of love to give!