My name is Clementine (Miss Clem, Tiny) and I'm a mastiff mix.


Ideally, my future human(s) has a good amount of experience with big dogs, like me. I respect a leader! Someone who can approach me with both confidence and tenderness, because while I'm assertive and strong, I'm not-so-secretly just a big softy. I thrive on rewards; affection but also TREATS. I can learn anything if there's food involved! Foster mama has taught me so many new things and I just love that bonding time. 


Protecting my home is a job I take pretty seriously. I'm friendly about it, but I have clear boundaries. I really do love making friends with new humans and dogs, but I prefer to meet them outside first and get to know them on a walk before they come in. 


Hiking, being outdoors, and palling around with my dog friends are some of my favorite things and a great way to help me stay relaxed throughout the day. I am really motivated first thing in the morning, bright and early. We can be active together! Fenced yards are a bonus because sometimes I just wanna roll around in the grass and take in the sun, ya know?!


I love living with my foster sister and get along very well with other animals but I get a little jealous when I'm left out of the cuddle puddle! No need to worry, I'll just throw my whole body right on top so everyone can give me pats and kisses and receive my hugs. 


Ultimately I'm just a silly, floppy, (sorta clumsy) giant sweetie, and I want nothing more than to bring all the giggles to my pack.