My name is Daphne, and I'm a very shy but very sweet and happy two-year-old super mutt. No one knows what I'm mixed with, but I'm about 50 pounds, with a long body and short legs. Thus: super mutt. But don't you just love my sassy ears? I'm a very smart girl and really food (and praise!) motivated! I know lots of cues, I love my crate, and I always go potty outside. I'm an expert toy destroyer and will happily chew on a bone for hours. 

Because I wasn't treated very well in my pre-Off the Chain life, I sometimes get scared when I meet new people or get put in new situations, but I've been working really hard on my confidence and have come such a long way since entering my foster home. It's really important for me to be allowed to have slow introductions to set me up for success, and my new home will need to understand that and be able to help me feel safe and not force me into situations where I feel uncomfortable.


This means that if you're looking for a social butterfly sidekick or a co-host for your many dinner parties, I may not be your gal, but if you live a quieter, calmer lifestyle and are looking for a loyal buddy to keep you company while you binge-watch Netflix, we might be perfect for each other. Once I let my guard down and learn to trust you, I'll be your best friend and constant shadow. I make a great snuggle buddy, and cuddling on the couch is my favorite thing to do!

I'm currently in a foster home with three other dogs. Just like with new people, I need to feel safe around a new dog first, and I cannot over-stress how important it is to allow me slow introductions to new dogs. I love to run around and play with my foster siblings, but it's pretty easy for me to get over-excited and forget my manners, and then I need a little help calming down. I'm not always fluent in dog-to-dog communication, but I've been learning and getting better every day!


I sometimes feel insecure around things like my water bowl when other dogs are present, so I would be 100% okay if I was the only dog in your life and didn't have to share my resources; I definitely do not need a dog sibling in order to enjoy my life with you. If you do have another dog that you'd like me to be friends with, I'll need lots of time and positive reinforcement to coexist safely and peacefully with them. My new family will understand that and have lots of patience when integrating me into the home, while also helping me with the skills I need to behave appropriately around other dogs.

I've had a pretty rough go of things in my two short years and that has given me a few challenging quirks, but what dog doesn't have quirks? Like my fancy ears, it just adds to my uniqueness! What I lack in confidence, I make up for in loyalty and love and silly antics. I've come so far in just the few months I've been in foster care, and I know I deserve a home of my own where I can be the best girl and your best friend.