Off the Chain MKE is a small, volunteer-run nonprofit rescue. We rely on donations from our community to continue helping local dogs in need.

Please consider donating to help us save more dogs! Every dollar goes toward vaccines, spays and neuters, food, enrichment, vet visits, and other necessities for our homeless dogs. 

Chance is a hospice pup who came to us in April with right-sided congestive heart failure, which (to paraphrase) causes issues with his blood circulation to and from his heart, which causes fluid to accumulate in his abdomen or leak from his veins into his limbs. One vet recommended we put him down; two others gave him six months to live. 

When he entered the rescue, we decided to do everything we could to give this six-month-old puppy a happy, comfortable life for as long as he had left. And thanks to an amazing hospice foster home and the knowledge and care of Dr. Gordon at Advanced Animal Hospital, Chance has been living his absolute best life!

We have no idea how much longer Chance will be with us. He is on medication and supplements, not to prolong his life, but to give him the best quality of life while he's still here. He requires regular vet visits for blood draws, stomach drains, and other maintenance issues.


We believe that all dogs deserve to live a happy, healthy life, and we are committed to doing whatever we can to give that chance to as many dogs as possible.


We would not be able to help dogs like Chance without donations from our supporters. Please consider donating to help us continue giving dogs like Chance the opportunity to thrive and live a happy life!