Gomez is a very sweet, affectionate and loving puppy. He is learning about the new world around him and has been adapting well. When he encounters new things and people, he is very cautious and takes his time to figure things out, but once he feels comfortable he is a happy and silly boy.


He potty trained fairly quickly and now rarely has accidents. He goes in the crate during the work day but when we are home, he has free roam of the house. He sleeps in a crate in the bedroom at night and does great. He has never tried to chew anything up that he wasn’t supposed to. He hasn’t learned how to play with toys yet, but he will chew on bones and kongs.


He absolutely loves other dogs, just as much as he loves people. He loves to cuddle with other dogs and loves to follow them around. He is a little shadow and wants to be involved in everything that is going on. He is absolutely perfect on walks. Gomez is just overall an easy and entertaining dog to have around.  

Gomez didn’t trust humans at all when he first came into rescue but he has come a long way. Gomez needs a family who will be patient and allow him time to gain trust. He is worth the wait!